Seeds Token Sale

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Accepting Ethers: 1 Seeds Token = 0.00086 Ether


The notional value of 1 Seeds Token is ~$0.17

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What is Seeds?

Seeds is the easiest way to build helping others into digital products. Our free tools give mobile and web apps the ability to make non-spenders nearly 60% more like to buy - by giving their users opportunities to help people in need. Once set up in an app, the Seeds front-end products invite users to contribute micro-donations while simultaneously purchasing items native to the app. Apps see an increase in revenue of up to 30%, acquire new users from the Seeds community, and people in need get help. Every member of the Seeds ecosystem gains value, creating a new economic system of abundance.

Seeds competed in TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield in 2016, and we’re Techstars NYC 2015 and Boost VC 2014 alums. Boost VC is a Bitcoin-focused startup accelerator.


What are Seeds Tokens?

Seeds Tokens are a digital currency that can be redeemed within the Seeds system. Redeeming a token gives you the ability to make a monetary Request for Help, which can be any amount, and for anything at all, so long as it's legal. Your Request is then shown through the apps using the Seeds front-end products, inviting users to contribute to your need - sort of like a mobile, distributed GoFundMe where we do the work for you.

After your full request amount has been met, or after 60 days - whichever comes first - Seeds then gifts the contributions to you. No strings attached.

The notional value of SEEDS is currently ~$0.17 per token. The final value will be determined according to the sale.


Token Allocation

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